Friday, 28 March 2008

Our afternoon ...

We had a swim, a siesta in the sun, another dip in the pool, a siesta on the verandah. We wandered down to the beach and played in the surf. Some big waves to jump through or get pounded with. We tried body surfing. It's a lot easier with the boogie board. Next time we'll try surfing. Walked around town. Bought myself a new hat. Like it?

When we got back from the beach Dave's son, sister and BIL had arrived. And the monkeys were performing in a tree by the pool. There was a Mummy with a baby hanging underneath her running in the branches. And a couple others jumping up and down on branches making a huge racket. And a couple other monkeys running across the lawn and climbing some palm trees to the top, sliding down the branches and dropping into lower trees. So neat to watch untill I looked up and noticed a monkey in the branches directly above me. I moved out of the way just in time and splat, a huge poop landed on the ground not a foot from my sandal. I think the bugger was aiming for me. The first time in my life I almost got pooped on by a monkey! Hope it's the last. LOL
We had another swim and lay around the pool in the shade. At 7pm eleven of us had dinner at Lizzie's, just a block away from our rooms.
We had to try anything that sounded odd... Lizzard eggs, deep fried pickles... Dylan had a warm rum float with vanilla icecream. Pauline had a 'damn the weather' (a green murky but tasty cocktail) I had a cool Lizzie which was very cool, didn't get a picture.
My dinner was Filet Mignon medallions with mozza and veggies. So yummy!

We wandered through the little town and checked out the side walk vendors on the way back to our rooms. Then sat on the Verandah chatting. We had the little geckos trying to join in on our conversations. They are noisy little things.

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