Monday, 18 April 2011

Vista Internet Security 2011

Grrr.  One of my boys kindly downloaded a neat little program on to our desktop computer.  It's called Vista Internet Security 2011 and it's a VIRUS!
Don't download it.
It's nasty. 
It stops you from going on the internet so you can't find a fix, it deletes your antivirus program so you have no protection, and it keeps popping up and up and up and up. 
So I went on my laptop and googled for a fix.  None of the first few fixes I found worked but I did get rid of it.  I booted into Safe Mode and ignoring the Vista Internet Security 2011 pop ups I went straight to Run and typed rstrui.exe, and then pressed ENTER. 
rstrui.exe is the System Restore command.  I don't know a lot about how it works or how to set it up.  Luckily there was one restore point that was created before this little program was downloaded.  I clicked on it and now our computer is back to normal and we are all a little smarter about what buttons to push when strange requests appear on our screen. Aren't we, DUNCAN!

I'm going to have to research the System Restore function a little more and make sure there are a few safe points to restore to for the next time. 
If there is one. 
Cross my fingers there's not.

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