Monday, 25 April 2011

Bathroom renos 2

Dad even had Daniel helping out with the power tools.  Here he is putting down the subfloor prior to the lino going down.

And the vanity is in. Along with the medicine cabinets and my lights.  I wasn't sure if Rick would like them, but he does.  The bell shaped shades are mosaic tile with a row of green jewels around the bottom edge.  I chose the vanity faucets to match the lines of my lights.
We picked a green lino floor to pick up the green in my lights.  Unfortunately the lino doesn't look green on my floor.  I took a scrap piece down to Braun's Flooring to let them know they had given us the wrong lino.  As soon as I walked in to their warehouse where we had seen the lino, the piece in my hand turned green.   They have weird lighting that doesn't give a true reading of their floorings colour.  Grrrr!
We had asked for a sample to take home and view before we bought, but they wouldn't give us one.
Oh well.  It's installed now and while I'm dissapointed it isn't the colour I wanted it looks all right with the walls. 
But we'll be shopping elsewhere when it comes to the kitchen renos.

Check out the wainscotting I wanted.  I think it looks awesome.  And I found a toilet paper holder that matches my bathroom perfectly.  It's chrome with a white ceramic knob at the top and a white ceramic weighted stand (which is shaped like a toilet plunger but it's not. LOL)

Now to get the plumbing for the tub figured out and some finishing work done and my bathroom is complete.

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