Monday, 4 October 2010

It's my birthday...

It was my birthday.  Last Saturday.  Rick was working so I invited my friends over.  Lilia coerced her husband/chauffeur into playing photographer when he dropped her off. She had us all posing for the camera.  First in the house.  I really think as birthday girl I should have got a position in the back and the littlest person should have been front and center. As I get older I'm learning all these tricks on how to look slimmer in photographs and sitting at the back is one of them. Talking while the camera is pointed at me is something I need to remember not to do.

Another trick I've learned to make myself look more normal is to keep my eyes open when the photographer is snapping away.  Melody hasn't reached that 'older' age yet, so she doesn't always look as good as the rest of us in photos.  (Maybe that's why she didn't get the front position. LOL)

Lilia made a gorgeous birthday cake.  Here it is posing with my beautiful girl, and Lilia's beautiful girl and my son who has a gleam in his eye. I think he's thinking about chocolate.

Daniel insisted he didn't touch the cake before we finished photographing it, but that little spot of chocolate under his bottom lip kinda gave him away.

as did this photo taken from the other side.  Bad boy, Daniel!
We ate far too much chocolate that evening.

After taking photos inside Lilia dragged us all outside and had us pose in front our new entryway.

Lilia, Me, Melody, and Wanda.

Now it's Wanda, Me, Melody and Lilia.

We were thinking it would be so fun if Mary could have been here with us so we found a tree and named it Mary and took a picture with us around her.
It was getting rather windy and cold by that time so we sent our photographer/chauffeur/Lilia's husband home till 2:30am when she recalled him to drive everyone home.

Melody and Mary gave me a motion detector garbage can.  I've been wanting one ever since I noticed Melodys at her home a couple years ago but they're not that easy to find.  And I got four gorgeous mugs with cherry blossoms painted on the sides.  Perfect for lattes.  Thanx, Mary :) They all chipped in and got me a GC for the salon I go to for my haircuts, though I don't think I'll use it for anything as mundane as a trim.  Maybe a pedicure or some other luxurious pampering.  And a Rotary lottery ticket.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed I win something good.

We played a fun game similar to Taboo, but electronic.  The kids had a great time guessing with us, though they wouldn't pick sides and yelled out their guesses indiscriminately. It got funner as the evening wore on. And louder.

I love birthdays.

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