Sunday, 28 December 2008

Sorry, Mum, I didn't get any scrapbooking done, but I did take a few pictures today. Some of us at are going to work on taking photos EVERY day for 2009 so I thought I'd get some practice in taking pictures of the everyday stuff.

Breanna loves to bake so I got her a cookie press for Christmas. We tried it out yesterday with no success. I'm not sure if the recipe was faulty or if Breanna measured ingredients wrong, but the dough was way too dry and wouldn't hold together even after I tried to resurrect it with an extra helping of melted butter.
Then today we tried one of the recipes from the booklet that came with the cookie press. It still wouldn't work so I phoned the lady that sold me the thing and asked for some advice. Apparently the dough is supposed to be really sticky so again we added more melted butter and it worked. Here's Breanna finally getting some shapes out of the press.

Rick bought the kids a hockey table for Christmas.

It's been a big hit, though we have some sore losers in this family. Is it any wonder when we have winners like this...

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Gwen said...

I bought a cookie press years ago. I used it a few times, but it was a lot of trouble. I remember using a jello cookie recipe with it.