Saturday, 6 December 2008

It's Saturday and I'm working full time at the moment so today is my day to sleep in. When I got up I found my children keeping themselves busy. Rick had already left to spend a few hours baiting Fisher traps in remote spots. They went in by helicopter today. He loves being outdoors, hiking hills and spotting wildlife. Today was a balmy -5*

Duncan had his eyes glued to the computer screen playing on World of Warcraft.

Daniel was also on a computer. The baby one Rick bought home for me a couple weeks ago.

Breanna was busy working on her crocheting. She wanted to learn to crochet a few nights ago so I started her off with silver thread and seed beads. Aunty Louise had showed us how to make pretty jewellery a couple summers ago and Breanna got right to work. Two of the bracelets she crocheted went to kindergarteners as rewards for good behaviour during her lunch hour duty. Now she is busy crocheting a scarf for her teacher.

Breanna's fish spends most of his time lying motionless at the bottom of his tank/nightlight, but as soon as I sit down beside him with my morning latte he perks up.

We've started decorating for Christmas... I'm working on a layout of my elf.

We've started baking too...
I've done a half dozen trays of almond roca already.
Breanna and I have tried three different Ginger Snap recipes so far. The Epicure Spice recipe was 'okay'. The recipe on the blackstrap molasses carton was horrible. The 3rd recipe Breanna found through a Google search was the best. We also baked some Cranberry orange chocolate biscotte from Epicure.

When he got home Duncan insisted on being measured. He's pretty sure he's growing and he may be right; only an inch to go and he'll be the same height as me. Poor Daniel isn't growing nearly as fast as he'd like, but he was a little taller then last time he was measured.

After dinner Duncan and Rick played backgammon. Rick plays for foot rubs; Duncan plays for more computer time. Duncan won 3 out of 4 games this time round.

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