Friday, 27 June 2008

School's out!

Last day of school was a 1/2 day yesterday when the kids picked up their report cards. All three did well and had their payoffs totaled up by the time they got home. Rick pays them $10 for each 'A', and $5 for each 'B'. Daniel had already decided how to spend his money. He dragged me back to town, soon after I got home from work, to pick up an IPod Touch. He is thrilled with it. It can be hooked into our wireless internet and can download music, movies, games... It also can be a GPS. He's got the route from Whistler directly to Uncle Bern's home in Airdrie all mapped out and saved for our summer road trip. Complete with probable travel time depending on traffic.
Breanna came shopping with us also. She had fun in the dollar store choosing goodie bag gifts and prizes for her birthday next week. Those 'dollars' add up quickly!

Yesterday we had an International Potluck Lunch at work. I was supposed to make Pavlova's (my 'international' NZ dessert) but I completely forgot so I made them for today instead. Breanna helped me last night and because I didn't have Mum's recipe we googled it.

All I had to do this morning was whip the cream.
And I have to say it was so nice getting ready for work this morning. Just me! No nagging to get little people out of bed, no lunches to make, no back and forth books to sign... wonderful. Everyone was still sleeping when I tip toed out of the house. I left a note for the boys, which they somehow missed seeing.

My table is NOT that messy. The meringues were eaten and the rumpus rooms and beds weren't taken care of till after Rick woke up (after night shift) and got onto them). Daniel told me if I really wanted them to see the note I would have propped it in front of the computer monitor.

I ended up being in town way too early for work so I grabbed my winter coat from the dry cleaners(they're open at 7:30), dropped in to the grocery store for some fresh strawberries for the pavlova's, and picked up a coffee at Cosmic Grounds (the line up at Tim Hortons was too long). I arrived at work just after 8am because I wanted to get my treat all ready to go.
As I was climbing out of my car in the parking lot at work I felt a breeze. Huh??? I had a huge(at least 10") rip in the back of my favourite black capris. I felt no breeze leaving the house that morning so I'm hoping it happened somewhere between picking up coffee(my last stop) and arriving at work. I REALLY hope I wasn't wandering all over town with a rip that size exposing my _______.

The pavlova's were a hit! :)
I would have taken a picture but they were gone too quick.

Another story to tell...
We're babysitting the neighbours dog.
Apparently they left on holidays thinking the dog was in the car with them and did't discover that he wasn't till they were a couple hours away from Fort St John, so could we please look after him for the two weeks they're going to be gone... Yes, we believe them.
The poor puppy skedaddles when ever I get close because I always chase him away from our yard. He's a yappy little thing and will sit under our bedroom window keeping Rick awake after his 12 hour night shifts. Duncan dragged him home for some dinner tonight but he won't eat. The boys have offered to have him sleep in their room for the duration. We'll see how he settles in.

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