Wednesday, 25 June 2008

It's the 25th...

And I've been taking pictures all day...

Todd stayed over and the boys slept in the fort. Daniel tells us he's the 5th smallest kid in Bert Bowes and Todd has to be one of the biggest kids in their grade.

Here's the view from my Dining Room. My flower pots are growing and blooming. The lilacs aren't doing so well, but our Manchurian Pears are forming a nice thick hedge between the airport road and our garden. The goldfish are out of the tank in the boys' room and in their summer home.

On go the walking shoes and Tikanii is ready for a run.

Tikanii and I walked along the quad trails to the old Baldonnel School and home again. Everything is so lush and green!

Daniel is happy to see the grass grow. It means money in his pocket. He's got two jobs mowing lawns for neighbours all summer. He is saving his money for an ipod/laptop thing.

And here's me vacuuming. I love my Roomba. LOL

This is dinner. Steak, potatoe wedges and green salad.

Then Rick's off to work his 12 hour night shift.

We have a quiet evening. Breanna emails Breann who has now moved to Little Fort.

Daniel finished a 3-d ship puzzle he started yesterday morning.

I read a book. It's a murder mystery.

Duncan tried to avoid the camera all day and kept jumping out of the way so I waited till he was half asleep in bed and then snuck in and snapped some pics of him. He chased me up the stairs and grabbed the camera and delete, delete, delete. Unfortunately for him, his mother is sneaky. We have two digital cameras and he only thought I'd snapped photos with one of them. Ha ha.

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