Thursday, 9 August 2007

44 things to do before my 45th birthday

  1. Drink more water
  2. Meet my niece for the first time
  3. Be kinder
  4. Take Tikanii for 2 walks a day instead of just one
  5. Go through my makeup draw and toss anything older then 10 yrs :oops:
  6. Find a worthwhile charity to volunteer with regularly
  7. Loose 20 lbs
  8. Clean and organize my scraproom
  9. Enter at least 6 scrapping competitions
  10. Paddle the Beaton with my girlfriends again
  11. Weed my garden
  12. Paint the bathroom cupboards
  13. Be able to do 25 pushups
  14. Read the latest Harry Potter
  15. Get new running shoes
  16. Drink less coffee
  17. Compost directly into the garden
  18. Buy new matching towels for my upstairs bathroom
  19. Find a new favourite recipe in Rachel Rayes 30 minute cookbook
  20. Buy 2 new bra's
  21. Climb more hills (my butt needs the workout)
  22. Grow my nails
  23. Paint my nails
  24. Clean out my freezer
  25. Buy a chunky necklace that goes with lots
  26. Find a stain remover that gets coffee spots out of white shirts
  27. Buy a new bike helmet
  28. Make some interesting wall art for my living room
  29. Get my albums organized
  30. Make birthday cards for an entire year
  31. Make curtains for the kids' fort
  32. Send out more RAKs
  33. Figure out how Skype works so I can chat with my Australian friends
  34. Write instead of email every now and than
  35. Hug my husband more
  36. Cook for the street people at least once a month
  37. Praise my children more
  38. Bake a pie for my husband (he loves homemade, I don't bake)
  39. Surprise my BF with coffee at work
  40. Buy a garbage can with a motion sensor lid
  41. Find myself in Tim Hortons drive thru less often
  42. Make morning lattes instead of brewed coffee
  43. Get a Roomba
  44. Listen to Fly Lady better
  45. Brush Tikanii at least once a week

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Anonymous said...

Just stopping by from the Blog-Abration. I love your list! Best of luck accomplishing a lot of it! :-)