Monday, 28 May 2007

The mice are gone...

Saturday Duncan put (almost) all his mice in to a Dilly Bar box and we took them down to the pet store. Rick and Duncan had bought 6 adult mice a couple months ago and we were returning over 40! So there were a few more than when we started.
Duncan decided to keep the one male as a pet (a smelly one). And there was one white mouse running loose; an escapee from a couple weeks ago. We'd see him dash across the rumpus room floor while watching tv every now and then, but no-one had managed to catch him yet.
Last night Whitey was finally caught. We dropped him in with the male but he attacked him and started protecting his territory immediately. So Whitey has his own cage now. We're hoping that means Whitey is a male and there is NO chance of babies.

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