Saturday, 7 April 2012

April 123 Challenge

I played along with the April 123 Challenge.

I did a two page layout using the Simple Stories baby line. 
I used lots of mint green colour.  The beads are in the flower centers and the word 'believe' is in my long title.  It says "I believe we have a new angel in our midst. baby Luka" 


Camilla Ekman said...

Such a lovely 2pager! Beautiful!

Thank you so much for your visit to my blog. You asked about the white swirls...I used texture paste onto a template. Very easy. Makes a wonderful depth.

dhgabe said...

That is s,o beautiful & so neat that you did this 2 pager. Creates a link that we all appreciate, Bron put a link to it on her 'wall'...

I wish I could come up with 1/100 th of the ideas you have and the same for their beauty and creativity.

I plod along and settle for poor imitations of yours or others...(Kathy's...) - and do it twice as slow. BUT , I do have lots of supplies!

I have no idea where you find the time but I love to look through your stuff. And, If I can organize the endless boxes of stuff we are soon moving to Gabe I should have some photos for you- from your trip to snowy Delta in 69....

dhgabe said...

I hope that my comments on this beautiful layout are I the "comment moderation" stage .... As I wrote a whole letter! Half anyway... Browny loved it & put a link to it on her "wall"???

That's all I'm re-writing and I hope it all got to you at my first try.

Your site is so inspiring, which, given I have no ideas of my own, I greatly appreciate your creative talent and make small efforts to make my own simplifying yours many times... They are,of course, by that time absolutely as far from anything resembling what you do that you would be horrified to think you were my inspiration!

BUt truly they are so beautiful and imaginative. Hard to think you could come up with more, but you do!