Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Bo Bunny 'Welcome Home' line

This layout is like an overview of our girlie roadtrip. 

We ate at some really neat restaurants.

We hiked 12 km to the Tea House at Lake Louise. And let me tell you, it is not a 'tea house' in the Lake Louise sense of the word.  Isn't Lake Louise like 5 stars and very posh? Don't movie stars and royalty visit?  I was expecting white table clothes and little cakes.  Tea in china cups and scones with fresh whipped cream and preserves.  Ice in my drink and wrapped in a white napkin for my sweaty brow after that hike.
Instead we got raspberry lemonade in plastic cups and a very bland quinoa salad.  The cheese sandwich was good; the bread was homemade and sliced thick, and the cheese was extra stinky. The tea house itself was more of a rustic cabin in the woods with no electricity; the stairs we climbed to reach our table on the second storey balcony, I'm sure, passed no safety inspections;  and there was no running water for a decent bathroom. None of us 4 are keen on outhouses. Especially the smelly kind. We didn't take any pictures of it :)

We posed in front of the sign of the place we were staying; almost got our photographer run over when Lilia insisted the best spot to take the picture was from the middle of the road.  Oops.  He was a good sport.

We took the Gondola up the Mt at Banff. Some of us are scared of heights and had to sit in the seats facing the mountain side going up and down.  So I got the scenic view both ways.  Just gorgeous!

We were silly and funny and had a really good time.

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