Thursday, 11 March 2010

We made clocks

We didn't actually 'make' them.  But we did pretty them up.
Breanna and I were in Walmart on the weekend.  We were looking for a bench for our front entry.  We ended up in the clock section and Breanna was saying she wanted a clock for her room  so we browsed.  Didn't find one she really liked but then we spotted an entire end shelf of these white clocks ~ only $2.88 each. 

Hmmm. We could do something with those.

We took off the clear plastic lid and the clock hands. The paper face was ripped off and replaced with a clean circle of white cardstock and then we started spraying.

and spraying.
We used Maya Mist, Glimmer mist and some ink mists I had made myself.  I think it was the red Nick Bantok ink spray that wouldn't dry on my clock.  I ended up using paper towel to wipe the droplets down the morning after spraying.
I started prettying up my clock with Kaiser pearls and Hero Arts bling. I'm worried that the Prima flower will be too bulky for the hands to move across. 
I just added the 4 numbers so as not to clutter up the clock face.

I stamped a flower image a few times and added some punched butterflies before replacing the clock hands.
I think I'm going to have to take out the black Prima flower.  It's interfering with the movement of the hour hand.

Here's Breanna's clock.  She used a little more self control while spraying.  I love the soft colours of hers. 

She sprayed two of her numbers with green and two with turquoise mist before glueing them down.  She used kaiser pearls to mark the rest of her numbers. What a good idea!

I'll post a photo of her holding her completed clock tonight.

The kids and I spent this morning in Dawson Creek at the Optomotrists.  Last night I was thinking how I was so glad I'd made the appointment as both Duncan and Breanna managed to break their glasses yesterday.  Duncans are unwearable and beyond repair.  Unfortunately we got down there and were told the lens cutter had been shipped out for repair so we couldn't get glasses that day.  All three had their exams and all three need stronger prescriptions which apparently is normal as long as they're growing.  I got a copy of their new prescriptions and I'm thinking we may order discount glasses through though I'll have to get Duncan something sooner than that, even if it's just getting his old lenses put into new frames for the interim.

Both boys want contacts so we're heading back to Dawson Creek next Monday for them to try some on.

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Marlene said...

Your clock is adorable! I used to love making these too! :)