Thursday, 6 August 2009

New Layouts.

Karen and I did some scrapping while they were visiting. I managed to finish two. This first one has been on my desk for ages. Breanna is a fabulous little actress. She did such a good job. Melody and Lilia both came to watch her perform and enjoyed it. She had the second most lines in the play and didn't flub once. She didn't need any prompting either. I was so proud of her.

And here she is enjoying her birthday cake. Icecream cake from Dairy Queen. We did a scrap swap for Friendship day (Aug 2) and I got a tonne of neat diecuts from my friend. She is very talented at finding and even creating designs using her Silhoette. The corners, butterfly, and flower diecut all came from her. Thanx, Michelle.

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Jillian said...

Very cool Heather! Love those die cuts! Lucky girl!