Saturday, 25 July 2009

July 25

Breanna had her hair done at the Beauty Salon this morning. She got some length taken off and had it layered. It looks beautiful. She loves how much lighter it is and can't wait to play with different products to get different looks. She has already taken off with my mousse.

And here are my lilies blooming alongside my driveway. The garden is looking particularly pretty this year. The purple poppies and pink selene are volunteers. They look so bright and cheerful amongst my perennials.

The work on our new entry way started on Thursday. The big concrete pad in front of our door had to be jackhammered out because it was rebarred in to the house foundations. Rick was hoping to use it as a new shed pad. Darn ~ we don't get ANOTHER shed built in our crowded backyard. Then they dug out all the dirt and clay beneath and have poured the concrete foundations. The size of that hole is about how big our new entry way will be. I am so looking forward to having that extra room. The windows and doors are all on order and they are going to start framing next week.

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Jillian said...

Wow! How exciting! Home renos are always wonderful! Are you thinking about how you'll decorate the new part for Christmas yet? lol That's always my first thought..