Sunday, 6 January 2008

Skiing and Snowboarding on Worsley

Thursday we spent the day at Worsley. Rick had his new Head Cam with him and took some video. The sound is rather awful ~ maybe he can figure out how to dampen the wind noises. It sounds like an avalanche bearing down on us. Duncan and Daniel snowboarded. Duncan is in a brown hoody and is doing really well on the board. Daniel has a red and grey jacket. He's finding it a little tougher to do. He kept falling over and was getting frustrated. At lunch he said he was going to the truck to get his book. Rick told him he would boot his butt all the way to the truck and back if he gave up. Daniel said being booted in the butt would be the same as falling on his butt so what difference did it make. :) Breanna's bindings were too small for her boots so we rented skiis for her. She's looking forward to snowboarding next time we go.
You can see the video from Rick's camera here:

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