Monday, 11 June 2007

My little animal rescue guy...

...has done it again. A couple of Duncan's classmates found a birds nest and tossed all the babies out. Duncan saw that one of the baby birds was still alive and he popped it in his pocket. When he got home from school he set up an old hamster cage with lots of tissues to make a nest and his reading lamp to keep the poor little thing warm. The baby bird was featherless and didn't even have it's eyes open yet. I didn't think he'd last more than a couple of days. But he has. He's got all his wing feathers. They come in incredibly fast. Two days ago the wing feathers were little pin feathers like the ones on it's tail. The baby birds head and tummy are fluffy with down feathers and he's bright eyed and noisy. He likes his dinner and squawks when he's ready for more. Daniel has been catching mousquitoes and little flies to feed him, but baby bird is still surviving on mostly dog kibble soaked in water.

Duncan says this little cutie came out of a swallows nest. I guess we'll see what he is when he's all grown up. I wonder how you tell what sex a bird is?

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Melissa said...

neat-o! that little birdie is pretty cute! are you going to let it go outside once it can fly?